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Andy Warhol’s cookbook drawings

From Amy Vanderbilt’s Complete Cookbook (1961):

From Dips and Spreads section

All images copyright Amy Vanderbilt (1961)


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Witch Mountain: movie tie-in novels

Novel cover: Escape to Witch Mountain

Cover of Escape to Witch Mountain (1975 Disney tie-in edition)

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Away in a manger. No room for red pumps.


Nope,  I didn’t arrange this still life at the thrift store. But it’s surely the most interesting juxtaposition I’ve seen there lately.

Cover from tie-in novel for Airport '77

Thrift store find: tie-in novel for Airport '77

Airport ’77 is the first non-kiddie movie I remember seeing at a theater without parental supervision.

My parents dropped me off (along with a friend) at the Capri in Charlotte, NC, and I thought I was so sophisticated and adult by seeing this movie on my own. This wasn’t some animated movie playing during a summer morning to get the kids out of the house. I was going to a matinee of a movie meant for adults, and my parents weren’t with me!

It shouldn’t be surprising I had such thoughts in my head. After all, the ads had promised characters who were  “a collection of the rich and the beautiful”:

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