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$2 monitor stand hack: silverware chest

Stacked phone books are functional but unattractive as a monitor stand.

stack of phone books under monitor

Stacked phone books as a monitor stand: UGLY

I found a much better solution for $2 at the thrift store. Continue reading

Test your tubes FREE: do-it-yourself TV repair in the 1950s

Front and back of brochure for Quik-Chek tester by Reliable Selectron Tubes

Found inside a 1958 paperback purchased at a thrift store: brochure for Quik-Chek tester by Reliable Selectron Tubes.

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Early paperback: Jeeves published by Pocket Books

Cover of Jeeves published by Pocket Books

Cover from a 1943 printing of Jeeves, the 28th paperback book released by Pocket Books.

Note on second page of book: This book is not a condensation or a digest of the original. It is the complete book.

Note on the second page of the book. The cover also points out the book is “complete and unabridged.” I suspect the publisher wanted to reassure readers who were unaccustomed to the smaller size of the paperback.

Battle of the TV tie-in novels: That Girl vs. The Partridge Family


That Girl by Paul W. Fairman (© 1971 Daisy Productions, Inc.)


The Partridge Family #2: The Haunted Hall by Michael Avallone (© 1970 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.)

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