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My weekend ritual: (optionally) nutty and nondairy oatmeal pancakes

I make oatmeal pancakes almost every Saturday morning I’m home, but it took me a while to find a recipe I really like.

oatmeal pancakes

Just add walnuts and maple syrup!

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Saying “Merry Christmas” with pea-green cake filling

The Cherry Candle Cake from the Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Cook Book (1959) features a filling of pineapple, lime gelatin, and food coloring that renders into a lovely radioactive green hue.

Christmas Candle Cake cut to show bright green filling

“Christmas on a platter—tuck in a holly sprig, light the candle, and whisk this beauty to the table!” (© 1959 Meredith Corporation)

You really don’t need to light the candle in the center to draw attention to this cake.

Double-chocolate mini doughnuts

Doughnut-shaped pancakes.

That’s what I got when I followed the recipes that came with the Bella Donut Maker I bought last Black Friday. I did a little research to find a chocolate doughnut recipe, and I found a good recipe. That recipe made more doughnuts than I wanted in one batch, though, and they just weren’t chocolatey enough for me. That’s when I decided to tinker with that recipe to come up with my own version.

Double-chocolate mini doughnuts

After quite a bit of experimentation, I’m happy with the results.

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