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Culture Club’s A Kiss Across the Ocean tour (1984)

Ticket stub from A Kiss Across the Ocean tour stop at Charlotte, NC

My ticket stub from Culture Club’s performance in Charlotte, NC, on April 17, 1984


Partial scan of program's cover

From the cover of the tour program (artwork by Tony D’Agostino)

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Cover from tie-in novel for Airport '77

Thrift store find: tie-in novel for Airport '77

Airport ’77 is the first non-kiddie movie I remember seeing at a theater without parental supervision.

My parents dropped me off (along with a friend) at the Capri in Charlotte, NC, and I thought I was so sophisticated and adult by seeing this movie on my own. This wasn’t some animated movie playing during a summer morning to get the kids out of the house. I was going to a matinee of a movie meant for adults, and my parents weren’t with me!

It shouldn’t be surprising I had such thoughts in my head. After all, the ads had promised characters who were  “a collection of the rich and the beautiful”:

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The alien leader materializes: Close Encounters of the Third Kind trading cards

Close Encounters trading card: The alien leader materializes.
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In my day, you could see Prince perform live for $20

1988 ticket stubs: $17.50 for INXS and $20 for Prince (Lovesexy tour)

1988 ticket stubs for INXS and Prince shows at the "new" Charlotte Coliseum, which was torn down in 2007

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