I bought my third-generation 2015 Honda Fit EX (automatic transmission) a year ago today. Since then, I’ve put 18,475 miles on it while tracking the MPG of every tank of gas. My 2015 Honda Fit actual mileage for the year is… <drumroll>

39.9 MPG

Here’s the spreadsheet for tracking my mileage:

For details about the driving conditions for getting that mileage, check out the post I wrote when I bought the car. My daily commute does include some highway miles. honda_fit_ex_2015

Overall, I’ve been very pleased with the car. I’m getting better mileage than I did with the 2007 model I had, and the interior redesign offers a better experience for the driver and passengers. That said, I really dislike the interface for the sound system. Somebody at Honda needs some remedial lessons in interface design.