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Apple TV zoom—change 4:3 aspect ratio to widescreen

I accidentally discovered how to change a movie displayed in the old 4:3 aspect ratio to widescreen with an Apple TV zoom feature.

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My treasured trash from Twin Peaks

Even 24 years after it first aired, Twin Peaks is my favorite television show. I still have a few bits of memorabilia from the show, too.

Card showng female characters on Twin Peaks

Women of Twin Peaks card (© Worldvision Enterprises)

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Streaming and sharing Windows Media Center content with Plex and Chromecast

A few years ago, I ditched my cable box/DVR and replaced it with a Windows 7 computer running Windows Media Center and a USB-based external TV tuner. I’ve been very happy with the DVR capability of Windows Media Center with one exception: the Windows Media Center .wtv files won’t play on many other devices without conversion to a more popular file format.

I have solved that inconvenience—and gained some great new capabilities—by installing the Plex Media Server and streaming Windows Media Center content to the Plex apps on my phone and tablet and to my Chromecast device.

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Destination dining: Chef & the Farmer

A friend and I drove about a three-hour roundtrip to enjoy the food at Chef & the Farmer in Kinston, NC. The food and service were worth every minute of the journey.

Flash-fried collard greens with sea salt

Flash-fried collard greens with sea salt

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