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Holiday fudge recipes: Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Cook Book (1959)

The Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Cook Book from 1959 features multiple holiday fudge recipes, including Rocky Road and Old-time Fudge.

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Holiday fruitcake hell (with a fudge recipe as an apology)

The Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Cook Book (1959) features multiple recipes for fruitcake. All the variations are shown in a photo of what the cookbook calls a “fruitcake window.” I call it a glimpse into fruitcake hell:

photo showing multiple fruitcakes

Shelves and shelves of fruitcake variations (photos and recipe © 1959 Meredith Corporation)

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Move over, cream cheese icing. Make room for sea salt caramel sauce!

Southern Living Desserts Cookbook cover (1967)

© Southern Living (1967)

Carrot cake and cream cheese icing just got a divorce in my house.

To break in my new KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer, I decided to make a carrot cake. I came across a lighter recipe that didn’t include the usual cream cheese icing in the Southern Living Desserts Cookbook from 1967.

The cake is delicious without the icing, but I had some Trader Joe’s Sea Salt (Fleur de Sel) Caramel Sauce in the fridge, so I warmed it up and drizzled it on the cake. Let me assure you: the combination is spectacular.

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Early paperback: Jeeves published by Pocket Books

Cover of Jeeves published by Pocket Books

Cover from a 1943 printing of Jeeves, the 28th paperback book released by Pocket Books.

Note on second page of book: This book is not a condensation or a digest of the original. It is the complete book.

Note on the second page of the book. The cover also points out the book is “complete and unabridged.” I suspect the publisher wanted to reassure readers who were unaccustomed to the smaller size of the paperback.

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