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Apple TV zoom—change 4:3 aspect ratio to widescreen

I accidentally discovered how to change a movie displayed in the old 4:3 aspect ratio to widescreen with an Apple TV zoom feature.

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Thanksgiving side dish: creamed onions with peanuts

The Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Cook Book from 1959 insists that “it’s not Thanksgiving unless this specialty is on the table”—and that specialty is creamed onions with peanuts.

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IKEA Cary Towne Center: before the demolition

Plans for IKEA Cary Towne Center have been announced, and the mall owners intend to redevelop the rest of the mall.

If the IKEA plans move forward, what’s shown in the following photos will be demolished. The rest of the mall may face a similar fate depending on the redevelopment plans.

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Easy blender pasta sauce

With ingredients I keep on hand in my kitchen, I make a blender pasta sauce in under an hour.

I prefer the flavor of this basic sauce over most jarred sauces from the store.
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